About Sammy



Sammy Dinneen is a professional handstand artist and one of the best and most technical handbalancers in the UK. Sammy trained at The National Centre for Circus Arts (the UK's national circus school) for three years, specialising in handstands while also achieving a high level of skills in acrobatics and other circus disciplines. After this, Sammy travelled to the Ukraine where he worked with some of the top handbalancers in the world to perfect his art.

His career has taken him all over the world and he has performed in shows including Batman Live: The World TourTraces by The 7 Fingers where seven performers never leave the stage, Tony award-winning Pippin: US TourFilament (Top 10 best-selling shows of Adelaide Fringe 2017) and Throwback by Silver Lining. 

As well as performing in shows such as these, Sammy performs his own solo acts across the UK. On a Friday night he can regularly be found performing in The Service at Café de Paris – an amazing mix of cabaret and circus telling the story of some of the iconic figures and events from Café’s past. He’s often also seen at Café de Paris on Saturdays for their Showtime cabaret evening.



How do you perfect being upside down?

From recreational classes to training Olympic gymnasts and Premier League football coaches,Sammy has taught students across the world. He teaches the basics of a freestanding handstand while also training high-level circus artists to create and perform acts with various 1 arm and contorted handstands. He is a Mobility WOD trained coach who benefits from his experience as a Broadway performer.

Sammy can help you develop the unique skills of a handstand, planche, muscle up, human flag, front and back levers. While you will be getting much stronger, he will also explore your full body’s ability to be as mobile as possible. Handstands are a full body workout; they can be the best body weight training as you learn to lift, hold and control your full weight.  Handstands give you better awareness and understanding of your body, making you stronger all over with particular emphasis on the upper body, core, sides and shoulders, while working on your balance and proprioception.

Sammy teaches at The National Centre of Circus Arts where he has helped to develop the acrobatic curriculum for the next generation of acrobats and at Urban Kings Gym.

He offers private lessons and can be booked for workshops or group events.

Sammy also teaches drop-in group classes in Highgate on Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm and Saturday mornings at 10.45am. Classes takes place at St Joseph's Primary School. Beginners welcome. If possible, please email in advance to reserve your place.

For more information, take a look at this leaflet.

  • “Dinneen, perhaps the most technically accomplished performer of all six, showed a beautiful and impressive series of hand-balances. His particularly beautiful torso, silhouetted in the low-lighting, drew much appreciation from the female portion of the crowd.”
    — A Younger Theatre
  • “…enhanced by the first rate circus skills of heart-stealing hand-balancer Sammy Dinneen.”
    - 21st Century Burlesque
  • “Sammy explained the techniques and mechanics in such a clear way. I’ve trained all over the world and, out of everyone I’ve worked with, he is HANDS DOWN the best coach.”
    — London-based student