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Book a lesson with Sammy to master the art of handstands. Learn handstands online or in person, in a group setting or with private tuition. Sammy can also be booked for workshops or events. Start your exciting handstand journey now.

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with Sammy to master the art of handstands.

Sammy is available for lessons in person or online. Learn handstands wherever you are in the world. Contact Sammy to kick off your handstand journey and book your first lesson.

Private Lessons

Group Classes

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Press to Handstand Online Course

Sammy’s Teaching

From recreational classes to training Olympic gymnasts and Premier League football coaches, Sammy has taught students across the world. He teaches the basics of a freestanding handstand while also training high-level circus artists to create and perform acts with various 1 arm and contorted handstands. He is a Mobility WOD trained coach who uniquely brings his experience as a Broadway performer to his teaching.

Sammy teaches at The National Centre of Circus Arts where he has helped to develop the acrobatic curriculum for the next generation of acrobats and at Urban Kings Gym.

Top Reasons to Learn Handstands

Handstands give you better awareness and understanding of your body, making you stronger all over with particular emphasis on the hands, arms, shoulders and core, while working on your balance and proprioception.

  • Handstands build confidence and help us to overcome fears and insecurities
  • Handstands are a full body workout
  • Handstands can increase bone health in the wrists, arms and shoulders
  • Handstands develop flexibility and mobility, keeping your joints and muscles healthier
  • Learning handstands puts you on the path to achieving the perfect Instagram shot to impress all your friends

What Will You Learn?

Sammy can help you develop the skills of a handstand, planche and other body weight skills. 

While you will be getting much stronger, he will help you to explore your full ability to be as mobile as possible.

Handstands are a whole body workout that will teach you to lift, hold and control your full weight. 

They allow you to develop flexibility and mobility in fingers, wrists, shoulders, thoracic and hips, increasing bone health in wrists, arms and shoulders

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Private Lessons

  • Whether you are a beginner, an aspiring handbalancer, a yogi wanting to perfect inversions or a fitness fanatic, Sammy can work with you on a one-to-one basis to help you master your aims and perfect your skills.

    Handstand training should be invigorating and energising so Sammy will help you have fun and find what works for your body.  There is no limit to what can be achieved with hard work and dedicated training.

    Private classes can be arranged at a time to suit you, online or in person.

    Contact Sammy to arrange your class

  • Group Classes

  • Sammy teaches drop-in group classes in Highgate.

    Saturday afternoons: 12pm – 1.30pm

    Classes take place at Jacksons Lane. Beginners welcome.

    If possible, please email in advance to reserve your place.

  • Online Group Classes

  • Want to do your training from home? Why not join Sammy for an online class?

    These HIIT style handstand classes include handstand drills against the wall, abs or hip flexor exercises for compression work along with a flexibility focus.

    The aim of the classes is to work on your strength and all you to develop your core, mobility and endurance from home.

    Tuesday – 6.30pm
    Wednesday – 12.30pm
    Thursday – 6.30pm

    30 minutes for only £10

    Book Class Online

  • Press to Handstand Online Course

  • Make your press to handstand dreams a reality using Sammy’s step by step system. This is not just a one size fits all model. This is a course that caters to the individual body and provides a support network to motivate you along the way.

    In this 6-week exclusive course with limited places, Sammy will teach you the principals of how to press to handstand and the technique behind it, giving you the tools for working on the flexibility, mobility, compression, strength and balance. Plus the theory and pathway of where and how the body moves. If you put yourself in the right environment, you can achieve what you thought was impossible.

    Course includes:

    • A detailed assessment
    • Bespoke programmes
    • Group and private classes
    • Access to a private Facebook community group


    Contact Sammy for availability and to find out the start date for the next course

  • Beginners Handstand Assessment

  • Never done a handstand before but always been intrigued? Attempted an inversion in yoga but don’t really know how to go all the way?  Lacking in confidence and want to see if you have the ability?

    This beginners’ assessment will help you develop an understanding and awareness of how to do a handstand against the wall. Through this assessment, Sammy will be able to measure your flexibility (both active and passive), your strength and ensure you start developing this skill in a safe and healthy way.  You will be asked to record and photograph yourself doing various exercises and in various positions to enable Sammy to study your body, its limitations and its capabilities.

    Includes a bespoke assessment, a detailed report and a bespoke programme. The assessment, report and programme will be sent to you by email.  You will then be able to work through the programme in your own time, from your own home.



  • Press to Handstand Assessment

  • Have you been learning handstands for a while but are unable to master the press?

    A difficult but rewarding element of handstand practice is the elusive press which requires control, strength and discipline. Many handbalancers struggle for years to achieve this as they are unable to understand what is missing from their practice. While this won’t have you pressing immediately, it will give you the technique and understanding needed to start integrating these exercises into your daily practice. The assessment includes a detailed study of your strength and flexibility to enable Sammy to analyse your current ability and provide a report and programme that will have you working on flexibility, mobility, compression, strength and balance.

    Includes a bespoke assessment, a detailed report and a bespoke programme. The assessment, report and programme will be sent to you by email. You will then be able to work through the programme in your own time, from your own home.